Letter: Fraud feeds off duty to help needy



A May 24 Columbian story reported “States may get more power to fight food stamp fraud.” Some people will always find a way to defraud the food stamp program. I greatly appreciate the availability of the program, and would like it to continue for those in need, especially as jobs are still not materializing for all who want to work. Regarding the suggestion of “a government warehouse that stocks powdered milk, cheese, butter, flour and bullion” — that already exists, in the form of government commodities given out by the food banks, along with dated pastries. Hardly a balanced diet.

Ideally, the food stamps help to relieve the demand on the food banks, and provide the recipients with the opportunity buy fresh, nutritious foods.

I agree certain foods should not be eligible for food stamps, specifically those with no nutritional value. It is disheartening to see a severely obese family in a supermarket, shopping cart piled high with cases of sodas and chips, and they pull out their Quest card to pay for it. This will only cost the “system” more in medical expenses down the road.

Susan Aberle