Letter: Partner business with educators



Schools around the country are in an impossible situation trying to pay teachers, maintain infrastructure, educate students and provide extras such as music, dance and sports. Statistics show that the U.S. is far behind other countries in math and science.

Athletes graduate with poor reading skills, which affects all the other areas of learning. Most of them leave higher education without a degree and can’t make a living after their pro career has ended or they are injured and can’t play anymore.

Big Oil, Big Banks and Big Business report their earnings quarterly. Some are in the billions, most are multi-millions. If these companies were to put one quarter or even one month’s profits into an account for schools, it could solve two things.

  1. Schools could meet the needs of students.

  2. Business would have the good PR they need.

These monies could be managed by a reliable charity or set one up to distribute to the school districts. (Not a government agency — they would make it too complicated). School districts could fill out a simple request form. If this was an ongoing program, we would no longer have a problem educating our students and once again be the world leader.

Reg Kruse