Letter: Why another tax hike so soon?



When it comes to taxes and fees, it’s as if our local government is like the drain in a tub and we’re the ones taking the bath. When C-Tran got the sales tax hike in 2005, the executive director at that time got a pay raise from $106,629 to $109,956 and also a $3,000 contribution to a deferred compensation plan and a $500 per month car allowance.

Just last November, citizens of Vancouver approved another raise in sales tax. Is it due to the same conditions caused in 2005? Now this November, C-Tran is considering another sales tax increase for light rail. But just in case it fails, guess what, they’re thinking out of the box, considering an increase in the license tab fees and adding more taxes/fees on the business community. I’d list all the fees and taxes our poor businesses have to pay but I’d use up more than the allotted amount of words allowed for this letter. Meanwhile, they’re lowering the amount of impact fees a contractor has to pay for their projects around the city.

We need to watch those elected officials or keep taking a bath.

Norman L. Wilcox