Letter: Stay with Obama’s recovery




The Columbian’s endorsement of Mitt Romney is less than convincing. Unquestionably, Romney made a lot of money but his mission was never to create jobs. When a company wasn’t profitable, he simply fired the workers and liquidated assets. He can’t do that with our country.

Romney’s centerpieces to generate 12 million jobs are tax cuts and deregulation. The Bush tax cuts have not yielded job growth, but along with two wars have increased our national debt by more than $4 trillion in the last four years.

The Bush tax cuts continue to add almost 60 percent to our deficit spending, and inadequate regulation got us the Great Recession.

Any real economic recovery builds on President Bush’s later acts and President Obama’s work since. President Obama saved the automobile industry and about a million jobs. Romney would have let it all go. Recovery is not simply a domestic matter. We need revived foreign markets. While Obama has mended fences with allies, Romney has shown an uncanny ability to offend them. We won’t get overseas’ markets by unnecessarily upsetting people.

Do we gamble on Romney’s promises or do we stay with President Obama’s slow recovery?

— Jon Clyde, Vancouver