Letter: Elections intensify patriotism




There are a fair number of residences where I live where you see the American flag flying, not just on the Fourth of July and other such observances but most, if not all, of the time. Out of curiosity I took a survey the other day on one of my walks and counted 19.

I have often wondered about people’s motivation for flying a flag. During the 2008 presidential election I even got to wondering whether Democrats or Republicans are more apt to have a flag out. I keep the radio in my garage tuned to Rush Limbaugh, figuring it will discourage thieves when the door is open (and I’ve never had one), and he was saying that Republicans are more patriotic than Democrats. Does flying the flag or wearing a miniature flag on your lapel, as many politicians do, make you any more patriotic? I don’t believe it does, but I do think it makes you feel more patriotic.

I’m one who doesn’t fly the flag all the time; I put it out Labor Day planning to take it down afterward. But after thinking about some of the things I’ve said, I decided to leave it up until the election is over.

Fred Hagelstein