Letter: Electoral College keeps things equal



I was surprised to read Editor Lou Brancaccio’s Oct. 13 column “Don’t bite the hand that feeds ya,” discouraging citizens from voting by saying that our vote won’t count while encouraging the elimination of the Electoral College. No matter how a person feels about the Electoral College, the rationale shouldn’t have the unintended consequence of voter suppression.

Everyone should be encouraged to vote their conscience when they have the opportunity. We have a representative republic form of government and the Electoral College was put in place to help the small states be better represented in elections than under the democratic election of majority rules. If you adopt the one man, one vote democratic vote, the large cities with huge populations would be catered to and we would have less say in the direction of our country. Politicians could buy them with promises of favoritism and win the elections. Cronyism is causing many problems for our country today; we don’t need to encourage more of it. The only people who would want to eliminate the Electoral College would be ones who see the potential of taking advantage of the cronyism.

Bob Liggett