Letter: Be prepared to justify a moral right



Conservatives have consistently maintained that they represent the moral right in America. They want to abolish abortion rights, gay rights, establish voter registration restrictions and deport younger illegal immigrants. They do not want regulation of banks, Wall Street, outsourcing of businesses or commerce of any kind (with the exception of traffic signals, etc.) And, alongside their objection to most social programs on the basis that we should be responsible for our own individual welfare, it’s difficult to understand how this coincides with the moral obligation in the Bible to be helpful to those who have been left behind.

Conservatives seem to strongly support a military that is strong enough to tell the rest of the world what it should do. Our military machine costs about one-third of our total budget and about as much as what is spent by all major countries of the world combined. Is this the moral high ground? We should be prepared to defend our country in case of actual attack, or in a joint effort with other countries to stop human atrocities, but is all this cost of money and lives justifiable to interfere in the affairs of other countries?

Ed Frank