Letter: Tuition rise must be addressed



As a college student, I am concerned about the high cost of tuition in our state, and am a crusader of lowering tuition for college students. Our state representatives need to place the issue of increasing tuition costs in a broader perspective, to help college students who are suffering with the burden of debt and the students who are in high school and dream of going to college after they graduate.

There are college students who are in the process of completing a degree, but may not be able to because increasing tuition costs are interfering with their goal. Also, there are high school students who hope to go to a college or university, but are unable to because their parents may have a low income due to a low-paying job, unemployment or other personal reasons. Sadly, these factors are affecting many throughout our state.

The people of Washington and our state representatives need to analyze the issue of the increasing cost of tuition more closely. We must find a solution to lower the cost of tuition in order to help those students faced with financial disadvantages.

Zhanna Leontyuk