Talking Points: Would Oregon’s offense work in NFL?




Watching Doug Martin run for 251 yards and four touchdowns against the Raiders on Sunday, we couldn’t help wonder how far Martin would be running if Chip Kelly had accepted the Tampa Bay coaching job.

We’re pretty sure Martin would have carried more than 25 times against the Raiders. For one thing, the Bucs would be running more plays. On Saturday, Kelly handed the ball to Kenjon Barner 38 times. The result was 351 yards, five touchdowns, and a new candidacy for the Heisman Trophy.

Someday (perhaps soon), we might find out if Kelly’s breakneck pace would fly in the NFL. We’re guessing NFL defenders aren’t as excited about that possibility as we are.


Washington State coach Mike Leach has, by all indications, whipped the fight right out of his team.

Receiver Marquess Wilson, probably the most talented player on the Cougs’ roster, has been suspended indefinitely. Word is he walked out of a intense conditioning session Sunday that followed the Cougars’ embarrassing 49-6 loss at Utah.

We can empathize with the players in Pullman. With his public criticism of players, outwardly Leach has done little to encourage loyalty or effort from the existing Cougars.

We’re guessing the method to this madness is that Leach wants current players to quit so he has more open scholarships to use as he hits the recruiting trail.


UCLA coach Jim Mora said Tuesday that the person responsible for a fake Twitter account under the name of Bruins freshman Randall Goforth should go to jail because the fake account was used to talk trash to USC wide receiver Robert Woods.

Mora’s reaction seems out of touch. While the fake tweets riled up fans (what’s new?), the players seemed to take it in stride.

In fact, Mora might just learn something from Goforth.

“I was never into all that Internet stuff because my parents said never believe what you hear on the Internet because most of the time it’s not true,” Goforth said.