Letter: Freedoms lost on election night



I am in shock from the election results.

I am in shock that, according to Fox News reports, over 60 percent of Americans, when asked if they thought that the illegal immigrants in our country should be legally working here, said “yes.”

I’m shocked that the state of Pennsylvania, with 90,000 people out of work, voted for a president who has created an economy that makes it next to impossible for Americans to find a job.

I’m shocked that the majority of Americans voted for a president who has walked all over our Constitution with blatant disregard for the document.

And I am sickened within my spirit to know that all across our country, choices have been made to legalize recreational marijuana, and put our families and grandchildren at risk by approving gay marriage.

Have we grown so selfish and narrow-minded that we have given up caring about our freedoms in order to satiate our desires to satisfy self? Have we succumbed to the idea that we don’t cherish our American way of life anymore?

This is one of the saddest days of my life. My heart cries for my America and what we lost on Nov. 6, 2012.

Alice Cox