Letter: Lesson to be learned by the struggle



In every newspaper across the country, stories and pictures of the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy litter coffee shops, grocery stories and TV screens of American homes.

The hurricane swept the East Coast, transforming much of a thriving Manhattan into what appears to be a Third World country. Citizens who once lived luxury in the comfort of their downtown condos are now wandering the streets in search of power outlets to charge their phones and fire hydrants to get clean water. However, for some Americans, this is an everyday struggle despite the destruction of a superstorm. New Yorkers are getting a first-hand experience of living in poverty.

Could this be karma for the hierarchy of Wall Street, who are now looking for a helping hand to pull them out of a disaster-stricken country?

Nonetheless, my heart goes out to those without homes, power or the comfort of their loved ones. But in the limelight of this cataclysm is there a hidden message? Should we learn from the East Coast’s experience and anticipate the next misfortune?

We can only hope that the rest of us will be prepared before we, too, are transformed from higher classes of social status to the depths of third class.

Cory Frashefski