Letter: Random act is example to follow




I saw something recently that touched my heart. I was sitting in my truck at a busy intersection. The traffic was thick; it was a Friday and beginning to rain. I stared in disbelief at the rat race, people texting, talking on cellphones, everyone always in a hurry, when off to the side walks an elderly man. I watch as he teeters forward then back, I can see fear in his eyes, knowing that he not only has to step down on unsteady feet to the wet, slick pavement, but he also has to cross the busy intersection before the white blinking hand turns back to red.

Just as the light begins to change a young man runs up and touches the man’s shoulder, smiling. He gently grabs him by the arm and they cross the intersection, the fear melts away as a smile of relief graces the elderly man’s face.

My light turns green, and I drive off with tears in my eyes as I think of how nice it was to see that young man take the time to help an elderly citizen. Maybe there is hope out there after all. Let this random act of kindness be a good example to all of us.

Jenny Sawyer Bloemke