Letter: Raising minimum wage is necessary



Washington has the highest minimum wage in the country. And now Washington’s minimum wage is going to be $9.19 per hour in 2013, so now we have no worries.

But is poverty still a concern? According to Clark County government services, poverty was up 11.6 percent less than two years ago.

Some report these increases in minimum wages as “jumps.” However, I don’t think that this is the right wording. These increases are only to adjust the wage to inflation. And even then, the differences will most likely be passed on to the consumer.

But can businesses only handle a not-so-generous 15 more cents more to their workers?

A minimum wage is not a living wage. There are many bills and expenses people have to cover. Individuals have to rank what is most important.

Is having enough food or electricity the most important when the bills come due?

Is it right that people have to choose?

Our minimum wage should be enough to cover everyone’s needs.

–Chris Malella, Vancouver