Letter: Call it what it is



Some call it “global warming.” I call it what it is — God.

Some call it “gay marriage.” I, along with the Bible, call it what it is — men given over to uncleanness to dishonor their own bodies, men who changed the truth of God to a lie, turned to vile affections, and women who changed the natural use of that which is against nature. Read the whole chapter of Romans 1:24-27. Some call the Bible a “figment of one’s imagination.” I call it what it is — unparalleled truth.

Some call it “pro-choice.” I call it what is — the killing of future citizens, and in our country, future Americans who will never have a voice or a vote.

Some call it “green.” I call it highly overrated.

I want to encourage every reader to speak the truth.

Gwen Wilson