Talking Points: NASCAR comes down on Gordon



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


It’s been said before and we’ll say it again, in NASCAR, boys will be boys.

This time it cost Jeff Gordon $100,000 and 25 points in the standings thanks to wrecking Clint Bowyer toward the end of Sunday’s race at Phoenix.

NASCAR dished out punishment on Monday, but didn’t go as far as suspending one of its star drivers.

Wrote Yahoo Sports’ Jay Busbee:

“That settles things from NASCAR’s end, but what about the drivers? Bowyer all but pledged retaliation on Gordon. If that happens to have championship implications — unlikely but possible — that could reopen the entire matter. If not, well … this one goes into the NASCAR storybooks as one of the moments that got the country talking about the sport.”


If you have a fantasy football team through Yahoo Sports and couldn’t make your lineup on Sunday, you weren’t alone.

Yahoo issued an apology Monday for an outage that affected its fantasy sports website and mobile application.

Of course none of that went over well with fantasy owners, many taking to social network sites to blast Yahoo.

At least one person on Twitter had a sense of humor with this tweet: “Text YAHOO to 96410 to donate $10 to Fantasy Football Blackout Relief. Together, we can beat this.”


“Phil Jackson stunned by Lakers not hiring him. Film at 11.”

Maybe Jackson thought the open Lakers head coaching job was his to turn down. Maybe the Lakers just wanted to make a few more headline before hiring Mike D’Antoni.

NBA writer Peter Vecsey tweeted: “How surprised were Jackson’s people? Agent Brian Musberger was on a Chicago (to Los Angeles) plane (to) negotiate with Lakers (regarding) contract when (D’Antoni) was hired.”

And Yahoo reported that “Jackson overestimated his leverage in the negotiations.”

It was pure Hollywood drama.

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