Letter: Stand up and show some respect



I went to my daughter’s Veterans Day assembly and it was very well scripted. The children sang beautifully and the sign language to the songs and slide show of veterans, old and new, was a special treat. But it was all to be overshadowed by the lack of respect to our country. Out of more than 30 school employees, including teachers, only six stood and either placed their hand over their heart or saluted. We have so few chances to instill the duty of why we respect this great nation and respect those who have or are willing to lay down their life to defend it. I was sitting in front of several veterans who were very disturbed over the lack of importance given the “Star Spangled Banner.”

And we ask ourselves why there is a lack of patriotism in this country. I now see that it is because our children are not shown why we salute the flag or stand with our hand over heart during our national anthem in our school system. I hope and pray this is an isolated issue and not how the public school system operates.

We should always stand up for these fine men and women who fight for our freedoms and rights.

Larry S. Bowman Jr.