Letter: Boehner’s party losing strength



I have heard House Speaker John Boehner’s ideas for 2013.

Three-quarters of Americans want the better-off to pay more on their taxes as opposed to continuing to not sacrifice at all like the middle class has been doing for decades.

History has shown that tax cuts help the wealthiest of us and hurt the country. Boehner’s reference to President Reagan’s tax cuts is somewhat in error.

Historically, when taxes have been raised, the country has grown and all of us including the wealthy did better, while the reverse has never worked. Add to that three decades of outsourcing and leveling off and even decreases in wage for the middle class directly proportional to decreases in union membership.

Fully a quarter of our budget is for defense. Entitlements are less than half that and help the poorest and most vulnerable of Americans. Ever heard of the Sermon on the Mount, Mr. Boehner?

As to Boehner’s majority in the House, the 2014 election will be interesting. Nearly 50,000 Latinos who are U.S. citizens turn 18 years old and voting age every month. In 2014, that’s millions of the people Boehner’s party tried to disenfranchise in the name of “voter fraud” in 2012.

Jim Comrada