Letter: Nutritious school lunches are vital



Lawmakers are now considering eliminating the existing calorie limits placed on school lunches due to Republican pressures. Republican lawmakers argue that these calorie limits are causing students to go hungry. Lawmakers also believe that the calorie limits lead to wasted food.

The topic of calorie limits can be an ongoing debate, however what is irrefutable is the importance of adequate nutrition in school lunches. While obesity seems to be the main focus of this nutritional restructuring, many fail to recognize other important issues.

Having worked in many different elementary schools in Clark County I know that for many students in impoverished areas, school lunch is their main source of calorie intake and nutrition. Making it mandatory that school lunch include fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and diary is absolutely essential for students’ development and function. Malnourished does not necessarily coincide with obesity.

If the amount of food being wasted is the issue, then spare a portion of the budget on nutrition education.

If fighting child obesity and malnutrition is truly the objective, fundamental knowledge and understanding of nutrition is crucial.

By supporting the loss of the advances made in securing proper nutrition and rationalizing such misconstrued ideas as to consider pizza a vegetable, Republican lawmakers have proven to be unsure of the right choices.

Arek Daniyelyan