“Ron Gotti” gets four years in prison

Video of Vancouver man firing pistol out of car window went viral




Ronnie Michael Wynn has been sentenced to four years in prison for crimes including two that thousands of people have watched on YouTube.

As Wynn said in Clark County Superior Court last week, he “fired a pistol into the air out of my car window in a populated neighborhood.” He also admitted to stealing his uncle’s AR-15 rifle and .40-caliber pistol.

Wynn, 23, who calls himself “Ron Gotti,” had outstanding warrants when he was arrested July 16 after he crashed a stolen car. Vancouver police officers then found videos on Wynn’s Facebook page and on YouTube, which led to other charges. The original videos have been removed.

Wynn, who when booked into the Clark County Jail said he’s a Norteno gang member and a heroin addict, acts like a menacing guy in the videos, albeit one who has a purple “Hannah Montana” blanket on his lap while driving.

A second video shows him with stolen weapons.

Articles about Wynn have been posted on several websites, including The Huffington Post.

Clark County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Michael Vaughn said he received a few emails from people in other states encouraging prosecutors to lock “Gotti” away for as long as possible.

Taking into consideration state sentencing guidelines, Wynn’s prior criminal history and the fact that some sentences will run concurrently, Vaughn recommended the four-year term to Judge Barbara Johnson during a Nov. 7 hearing.

Wynn pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of a stolen firearm, trafficking stolen property and forgery.

He has prior convictions for felony harassment, malicious mischief, misdemeanor assault, resisting arrest and minor in possession of alcohol.

Johnson ordered Wynn to pay $9,985 in restitution for property damage caused by the July 16 crash in a stolen Chevy Malibu.

According to court documents, Wynn snuck into his uncle’s home through a doggie door and stole a Ruger pistol, an assault rifle, an Airsoft HK assault-style rifle, a watch and checks. His forgery charge was for attempting to cash a $175 check.

Wynn admitted that he sold the stolen firearms and bought a 9 mm pistol, drugs and a game console.

Wynn’s uncle reported the crime on July 2 after being out of town for several weeks.

Vaughn said Wynn has been wanting to plead guilty since his arrest and, despite his tough-guy talk in the videos, was courteous in court.

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EDITOR’S WARNING: These videos contain graphic language and violent imagery. Beware.