Letter: Mock election: a lesson in civics



Our children will someday run this country. In grade school, I remember voting in a mock election for John F. Kennedy for president. Back then I knew my vote was something important. So I organized Kids Vote 2012, a mock presidential election. This was about civics, not politics.

As with the general election, voting began Oct. 15 and ended Nov. 6. Our thanks to the Clark County Elections Department for providing us with written ballots and a Voters’ Pamphlet.

President Obama led in our mock election from the start, up until Monday morning. Then Mitt Romney held a narrow lead until about noon. Then the votes were virtually even for the rest of Monday. On Election Day, Obama was ahead 50.4 percent to 44.7 percent. Then written ballots that I received Wednesday overturned those results. With nearly 2,000 votes cast, Romney won the Kids Vote 2012 mock presidential election with 49.5 percent. Obama got 46.4 percent.

Of note is the outcome from the different school districts. None of them were close. Battle Ground, Green Mountain, Hockinson, and La Center went overwhelmingly for Romney. Camas, Evergreen, Ridgefield and Washougal went overwhelmingly for Obama. (Vancouver Public Schools chose not to participate.)

It is with great certainty that I make this claim: No one as deeply involved in the 2012 presidential election had more fun.

Bridget Schwarz