Letter: A solution is clearly spelled out



I am currently a student at Washington State University Vancouver. MaryKate Hughes’ Nov. 6 letter, “Step forward, volunteer,” relates perfectly to my class topic. The thing I love about it most is that not only does it state a problem but it also provides a potential solution.

People aren’t likely to have extra money left over for important things such as health care, and that is where they can reach out to benefit programs to receive assistance. Hughes mentioned a few nonprofit volunteer clinics that provide public health care and I believe that those references can be very beneficial to someone in need. It is a very serious issue and though these programs are there, they can’t always help in time to cure the patient.

Hughes concluded, with a lasting impression, that just about anyone can volunteer to help no matter their level of expertise. Overall, her letter had a positive impact on me, and I was impressed by the way she pieced it together from stating the problem, to elaborating on it and then finishing up with a solution that speaks directly to the reader and fixing the problem.

Filipp Lobkov