Letter: Supermajority rule is unfair



In the latest election results posted, 1,340,275 people voted in favor of Initiative 502, legalizing small personal amounts of marijuana. In the same election 1,269,983 people voted in favor of Referendum 74, legalizing same-sex marriage. Good for us, but there are mysteriously 70,292 voters who think that smoking dope is a more important right than extending full civil liberties to all Washingtonians. How bizarre. Perhaps they were stoned at the time.

Initiative 1185 (two-thirds legislative approval required for tax increases) passed by a resounding 64.5 percent. It would have passed with just 50.1 percent. In Washington state less than a supermajority can pass an initiative that is requiring a supermajority. How unfair.

I propose a “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” initiative. It requires that any bill, initiative or referendum requiring a supermajority pass by that same supermajority. Only seems fair.

E.L. Ernie Santner