Letter: Generation degraded by default



Yikes! The political cartoon published Nov. 10 was insulting to an entire generation of young people. Have you forgotten how many of them fought in Iraq or are fighting in Afghanistan? How about our economy that almost went into a depression and stayed in recession as the bulk of this generation completed their educations? Wow! Really? You don’t feel just a bit insensitive?

The worst part of the cartoon was the reference to “I vote for free stuff” taken from the Romney gaffe about the 47 percent. Time to move forward. Placing the entire young generation in the category of takers is not only insulting but dead wrong.

I see in young people I work with, live with and know as family and friends a real desire to be contributors to society. They want to make a living that will allow them to have families and the economic security most baby boomers know. We had the opportunity to get family-wage jobs. I guess that’s why conservatives are seen by so many as “out of touch.” They insult their own children.

Nicoletta A Natta-Graf