Letter: We’re all in the same locker room



John Laird’s Nov. 11 column, “Frantic finger-pointing in the losers’ locker room,” following the recent national election results clearly felt good to him as one who is gloating in the winner’s locker room.

But the problem is that, in a very real way, we all share the same locker room. Our team is the United States of America. One would not know that to read Laird’s opinion pieces in which he uses his bully pulpit to state repeatedly where he stands on the ideological spectrum.

But I make Laird this promise. I will gladly join him in gloating four years from today if this president has shown an ability to bring us together as a people, has created real jobs, has taken steps to balance the budget, has started to reduce our $16 trillion national debt, and has used his office to protect Medicare and Social Security for our children and grandchildren.

Based on the past four years, last Tuesday I, and 48 percent of my fellow citizens, voted thinking that President Obama is not likely to achieve these results and that someone else could. In the end, we all need to be in the winner’s locker room or we will all surely lose more than we have ever lost before.

Jim Williams