Weather Eye: Week promises spectacular shows for the storm-watchers



Greetings from Rockaway Beach! And a stormy Saturday afternoon it is here on the northern Oregon Coast, with rising surf and horizontal rain out the window. An excellent day for a little storm-watching, especially from a warm and cozy spot.

A more powerful storm arrives this evening, with winds over 60 mph perhaps. Swells will increase and heavy rain will pelt the beaches. Monday should see keen weather action at the coast.

Back home in Clark County, another surge of moderate rain and more winds will arrive tonight continuing into Monday. The storm track is aimed right at us, and will be all week. I hope the mountains get some good snows. It is snowing higher up but rather marginal at pass levels. If you plan to travel over the passes for the holiday, you may encounter some snow. As always, stay tuned to your favorite weather sources.

Okay, no sooner did I write this much than the rain stopped. I will venture out for a walk on the beach. Hang tough — I will be right back.


Back inside — wow, what a walk! Just a thin stretch of beach was exposed, what with both the high surf and the high tide. Storm-watching at the Pacific Northwest best.

Being the weather guy I am probably explains why I was the only person on the beach. If you venture down this week, be safe and never, ever turn your back on the ocean.

At least we had a couple of dry days to end last week. I got my outdoor Christmas lights up Thursday; I figured it might be my only opportunity.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at