Letter: Cartoon not a fair reflection



I take offense at the political cartoon published Nov. 10 regarding “The Lamest Generation.” I’m nearly 60 years old and know many in my granddaughter’s generation who are working two jobs, looking for a job and/or going to school, and trying to make a contribution.

Washington state ranks 13th in population of our union (New York Times.com, July 19, 2011), ninth in welfare recipients and 18th in use of food stamps. Not such a bad score considering Washington state ranks near 35 of 51 in highest unemployment rate, which is nearly 8.5 percent.

In addition, I feel the caricature of my father’s generation, the Greatest Generation, does not honor their sacrifice.

In short, the cartoon is divisive, not the attitude we need in this country to come together and solve the nation’s issues.

Steve Hennessy