Letter: More taxing inhibits incentive



Mitt Romney was wrong when he said 47 percent of the country would not vote for him because they believe in government entitlements. It appears that after the election, the number is higher than 51 percent.

All the neo-libs are praising the changing demographics of the country. The goal of progressives for the past 100 years has always been to get as many people on some kind of government assistance as possible, because then they will never vote against their policies.

The president keeps telling us anyone who makes over $250,000 a year is a billionaire or at least a millionaire. Actually he should use the term quarter-millionaire to be politically correct.

The 18-to-35-year-old demographic is overwhelmingly liberal because that’s what they are taught from the first grade on. With this election, they have made America’s bed. They just don’t realize how long they will be lying in it.

By taxing the so-called rich, you will take away the incentive to become rich.

So whether you want a direct handout or not, that is what you voted for and you can’t back-pedal from that.

Darel Maden