Letter: Interpretations can do harm



In Gwen Wilson’s Nov. 12 letter, “Call it what it is,” she talks of speaking the truth. Wilson says the Bible is “unparalleled truth.” While it’s safe to say there is plenty of wisdom, wonderful stories, metaphors, and yes, lots of truth to be found in its pages, there is some unparalleled nonsense, too. Yes, this is heresy if one starts with the basic assumption that the Bible is inerrant and the word of God himself. But, truthfully, the inconsistencies lead one to believe that this book reflects the values and cosmological views of an ancient people trying to make sense out of life’s perceived mysteries.

I shudder at the evil perpetrated on humankind as a result of interpretations of the “truth” contained in its pages. And therein lies the danger of Wilson’s quote that is really labeling “men given over to uncleanness” and women who “change the natural use of that which is against nature.” Normal individuals who are born with genetics leading to a gay lifestyle are simply that … normal, and no threat.

I suspect there is one fundamental truth we could agree on, doing unto others as we would be done by.

Howard Meharg