Letter: Display of kindness is comforting



I haven’t lived in this community long. I moved here from a small town in Missouri and didn’t know how living in a city would compare to country life.

A few days ago as I was driving to work, my car had a flat tire. I pulled over, put on flashers, and called a tow truck. Minutes passed and there came a tap on my window. A young man on a bike asked if I needed help. I explained that a tow truck was coming and he said, “No, ma’am, I will change it for you.” While he was changing the tire, I stood in the street directing traffic away from my rescuer.

A black pickup pulled up not far from me. I walked to the truck and asked, “Something wrong?” The gentleman said, “No ma’am, I’m just gonna sit here and protect you from the traffic.”

I canceled the tow-truck company but asked if I owed anything. The young man said he was shocked that I called, that most people just drive away, and said I didn’t owe him anything.

Three acts of kindness in a span of 10 minutes. In this day and age when everyone is struggling, three people showed a middle-aged country girl that kindness and compassion is alive and well.

Pat Otte