Letter: Trend of TV portrayals dispiriting



Having recently lost a loved one and feeling as though I have a clear view of life after death, I am perplexed, agitated as well as curious, about the many TV shows depicting those who have died and yet remain on Earth to roam and cause havoc in general. I have read and listened to perfectly sane and intelligent people describe their own personal knowledge and experiences with the paranormal.

My faith in the scriptures does not allow me to believe that people who have been killed, tortured or abused would ever want to “hang” around the very place where their death took place. These situations smack of nothing but evil forces at work. And that would include the workings behind all of these sensational TV shows.

It is my understanding that those who pass beyond the veil are welcomed by loved ones, not relegated to remain in some dark dungeon somewhere.

Dori Harston