Letter: Consider repercussions of fluoride



Fluoride, is it good or bad? What if you asked the pharmacist if there were any single medication he or she could give over the counter to any person, healthy or sick, with any sort of health ailment, in an unregulated dose for an extended amount of time? That pharmacist would tell you “no.” Fluoride, a type of medication, is in your water, juice, milk, coffee, tea, soda, food — anything that has been grown in an area with fluoride-treated water.

The amount we are supposed to be receiving is not the amount we are receiving; it has to be much higher than the recommended dosage. In the Center for Disease Control’s Web pages there are a number of different areas, some stating it is good for your teeth, and then you have “Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry” stating fluoride is an environmental contaminant and a hazard, along with aluminum, arsenic, cobalt, cyanide, and lead. The minimum effect can be dental fluorosis. Skeletal fluorosis is also possible wherein fluoride accumulates in your bones. The first symptoms include stiffness in bones and joints. Also, bone structure may change and ligaments may calcify. As well, there can be IQ defects, depression, weight gain, heart disease and hypothyroidism.

Noah Linschoten