Letter: Assumptions plant negativity



It still baffles my mind at the level of ignorance some individuals have when it comes to speaking about those in poverty, or those who need assistance with things such as rent, bills, or food.

The other day while discussing a big-box store in my marketing class, a fellow classmate stated with an unfortunate amount of disgust in his voice, “Well now (the store’s name) accepts EBT, and you know the type of people that brings in.” This statement represents the negative stigma around food assistance programs and I was shocked that there are those who still believe it. What about the many single parents struggling to get by, or the students who are juggling their rent and college tuition? What about the individual who just lost their job and now is trying to pay the bills? There are many circumstances to consider as to why someone relies on food assistance, and to make assumptions that the individual is a bad person is not only wrong, but shows just how ignorant some people in our society can be.

Think twice before making generalized statements about food assistance programs and understand that your words can offend and negatively impact others.

Shyanna Reyes