Talking Points: Apple Cup reaction



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Did a search on Twitter for #applecup right after Washington State’s win over Washington. Here’s some of what we found:”Win 3 games? Bad season. Beat the Huskies? WINNING SEASON.”

“It’s so quiet in Seattle right now. Wonder what happened?”

“How ya like ‘dem apples!”

“So I started my nap and it was 21-10. I woke up to see the field goal to tie it. So basically everything after waking up was bad.”

“I don’t think Cougars realize that saying ‘Huskies Coug’d it’ is an insult to (Cougars).”

“What? How am I Facebook friends with so many people who are Coug fans? This is unacceptable.”And our personal favorite:

“WSU is celebrating like they just got accepted to UW.”


Mark Sanchez has, if anything, regressed the past couple of years. Yet, the Jets still called him their franchise quarterback.

Then the Jets traded for Tim Tebow. Of course, that meant any time Sanchez struggled, people would be begging for Tebow.

Then Thanksgiving came. Tebow, apparently, is injured. Yet the Jets let him dress for the game.

That was a disaster waiting to happen.

When Sanchez got tackled by his teammate’s butt, and then Sanchez fumbled the ball, all the fans started booing him and begging for Tebow.

Just dumb.

Don’t let Tebow dress in uniform if you don’t intend to play him. It is unfair to the starting quarterback. Even if the starting quarterback gets sacked by his own lineman’s rear-end.

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