Protestors seek bomb plot suspect’s freedom

They say Portland incident was a setup



Portland — About a dozen peace protesters gathered at Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday night, as they have weekly for eleven years — this time with a new message: “Free Mohamed Mohamud.”

It was nearly two years ago that FBI agents arrested Mohamud, accusing him of attempting to ignite explosives at the city’s holiday tree-lighting ceremony.

Mohamud, now 21, was taken down in an FBI terrorism sting — one of many across the United States after 9/11 — and is now in jail awaiting trial in January for allegedly attempting to ignite a weapon of mass destruction.

The bomb, as it happens, was a harmless fake rigged by FBI techs and presented to Mohamud by two undercover operatives posing as terrorists.

The faux explosive was loaded into a van parked about 100 yards from where the protesters now stood.

Protesters have demonstrated at the square every Friday night since November 2001, shortly after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, they said.

Dan Handelman, who is affiliated with Portland Cop Watch and Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, co-sponsors of the protest, said he believes the FBI set up the Somali-American, then a teenager, helping him hatch a phony terrorism plot.

“This so-called plot,” he said, “was used as an excuse by Portland to de facto join the (FBI’s) Joint Terrorism Task Force.”

The government has consistently denied that the FBI set Mohamud up and rebutted accusations that their suspect’s arrest had any bearing on efforts to get Portland police to rejoin the task force that they once took part in.