Letter: Election is over; now get to work




Congratulations on the re-election of President Obama, Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., and Congressman Doc Hastings, R-Wash.

One of the major areas of contention in this election has been whether it’s right to increase taxes on the rich. The election results point to an American public that believes, yes, the rich do need to chip in more. The opposing view is that increasing taxes kills jobs.

I have no patience for the refusal to cooperate that has driven our country to the brink of this fiscal cliff.

I would like to see companies that hire American workers or make capital improvements that result in American jobs excused from paying the tax increase.

Hopefully, the cost of the tax credit will be more than offset by increased tax revenue from the newly hired American workers. Wouldn’t that be a start toward a workable compromise?

In addition, I would like to see tax credits that don’t serve the majority of the country eliminated. I also want any incentives for offshoring American jobs that are built into the tax code eliminated.

You guys work for me. Please try to do a better job this term. The economy is improving, but you need to work on accelerating the pace and finding common ground.

Lisa Huston