Letter: Finding a ride-share is challenging



Why is it so hard to find ride-sharing in Vancouver? I’m new to Vancouver and commute to Portland Monday through Friday. I don’t drive a car.

The C-Tran express buses between Vancouver and Portland are great, but the leg of my trip from/to my home can be extraordinarily poor, with the net effect that my daily commute is two hours at a minimum, and usually three hours.

So as an alternative, I’ve tried every conceivable online option to hook up with drivers, carpools, etc., and nothing has worked. I’ve listed myself on numerous online sources. The only responses I’ve gotten have been from non-licensed illegal taxi services.

Surely there is something out there for people like me.

When it comes to ride-sharing, I have found absolutely nothing in terms of actually hearing back from people. Yet there is a veritable river of commuters between Portland and Vancouver.

My hours are flexible and I’m not even looking for door-to-door. I have a hard time believing that traffic could not be significantly reduced by addressing this issue.

Why is there no serious effort to address this? What am I missing? Where is the electronic bulletin board that people will actually use?

Frank Poliat