Letter: Many reasons why Romney lost



So Mitt Romney blames the president for giving “free stuff” to the minorities, and that’s why he lost. I disagree.

Romney lives in a rich world and didn’t have a clue of how the middle class and the poor strive to make ends meet.

But this is only one reason he lost. Here are others:

  1. Everyone knows about the 47 percent Romney talked about and how he later admitted he made a mistake after the people disagreed.

  2. Romney refused to divulge all tax returns as previous presidential nominees have done.

  3. How much of his money was sent to overseas accounts?

  4. Romney said he would have let Detroit automakers go bankrupt, in which case a million and a half people would have lost their jobs.

  5. He worked for Bain Capital, which bought up factories and sent jobs overseas, leaving the employees stripped of pension funds.

  6. Romney proposed changes in Social Security and Medicare.

  7. Remember his many flip-flops?

Now we can move on and hope House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, decides to compromise.

Boehner keeps complaining about the lack of jobs, so let’s get the president’s job bill passed so we can get millions of people back to work.

Richard C. Mason