Letter: U.S. foreign policy set the fire



The Muslim world is on fire with mobs of haters of America screaming “Death to America!” as they attack our embassies and kill Americans, among them, our ambassador in Libya.

Yet The Columbian decides the most important news to print above the fold on the Sept. 22 front page, an AP blurb, “Romney paid $1.9M to IRS in 2011,” about how much money the Republican candidate paid to the IRS.

Little was said about the incredibly stupid ad placed on Pakistan TV — by the Obama administration and paid for with $70,000 of our tax money. It featured the president of the United States and Secretary of State denouncing some obscure video, “Innocence of Muslins.”

This panic effort on the part of the administration was to cast blame away from itself, and simply gave the perfect excuse for vicious mobs to foment anti-American riots worldwide.

Sadly, the lesson we are learning is that these murderous riots resulted from the utter failure of President Obama’s foreign policies of apology and appeasement, which unfriendly nations interpret as American weakness and an open invitation to assault and murder Americans at will.

To paraphrase a well-known quotation, “For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my American government.”

Lauraine Thomas

La Center