Letter: Charter schools part of solution



The Sept. 27 front page story, “Inslee high priority for teachers’ union: WEA spending more helping Democrat win governor’s job than on fighting charter schools initiative,” in which Jay Inslee is promoting funding for teachers, comes as no surprise.

I am guessing that the latest problems with strikes in Chicago and that teachers received everything they wanted embolden all teachers and their unions. I also know that you should be able to more than squeak by on the Chicago average salary of $75,000 a year. I am also sure that nowhere in the Constitution does it state that the more you pay a teacher, the better the product.

Couple this with no accountability and tenure. The topper is, there’s limited support for charter schools. The fact that charter schools actually do turn out a more educated student seems to be overlooked. This should be priority when you have the children’s best interests at heart, however, it is not.

Gene Liefke