Letter: Romney wrong on entitlements



Mitt Romney seems to feel that almost half the population is waiting for a handout. He said we think we are entitled to be taken care of. It seems though that he is the one who is expecting the handout. He wants a majority of his income to be relatively tax free.

I am 93 years old and have been on my own since I was 13. I have been paying taxes since 1939.

It is the middle class people’s taxes that are keeping this country afloat. I don’t expect a handout, but do expect to have a decent life for this rest of my days. I was in the cattle business a good share of my life in Eastern Oregon, paying into retirement and Social Security funds. Romney considers these programs entitlement. I feel they were my investments.

I have always paid my way by the sweat of my brow. I feel that is more than Romney did. It sounds to me like he is riding into the wind with a funnel in his mouth. He is full of wind.

Horace Durfey