Letter: Multiple limitations on marriage



The Columbian’s Sept. 16 editorial, “Referendum 74 endorsed,” excluded the fact that marriage is actually limited in four ways. The current law does not allow a person to marry someone under age 18, individuals who are already married, individuals who are close relatives, and until this year, individuals of the same gender.

Supporters for same-sex marriage or marriage equality argue that any two people who love each other should be able to be married. If that is the only requirement, then the other three limitations on marriage should be unacceptable. If same-sex supporters do not agree with changing the other limitations, are they not guilty of discrimination? The truth is, those who support same-sex marriage really just want a different kind of marriage, not equality.

Not every relationship should be called marriage just because two people say they love each other. Civil unions were created to give people of the same gender full legal rights. Why, then, should marriage be redefined for only the same-sex marriage supporters?

–Loretta Hoskins, Vancouver