Letter: Ridiculous obstruction must stop



I wish people would not get their political information from TV and radio talk shows. Research what Congress does and has been doing.

My son is a U.S. Marine and has been deployed to war zones twice, Afghanistan the last time. I was disgusted when 40 Senate Republicans blocked the Veterans Jobs Bill even after many of them added their provisions to the bill. They have no problem sending these kids over there to get their arms and legs blown off, and the Republican senators have no problem not paying for the wars and passing the cost on to the deficit.

They have no problem giving huge subsidies and tax breaks to big corporations. The Romney-Ryan tax plan would reduce Mitt Romney’s 14 percent federal tax load to less than 1 percent (via a 0 percent capital gains tax) and give most of their billionaire donors huge reductions in federal taxes, adding huge amounts to the deficit, yet they won’t pay for a bill to help these brave kids obtain employment when they get home.

America has money. The problem is greedy wealthy people sending lobbyists to Washington, D.C., to make sure the wealth stays in their accounts, often offshore. The rest of us get stuck with debt.

How can you vote for these people?

–Steve Rapalus, Battle Ground