Letter: Wealth doesn’t negate qualification



Regarding the Sept. 24 letter, “Trouble ahead if Romney wins,” 75-year-old letter writer Carol Wood is not one of the 47 percent. The 47 percent are those with taxable income either earned or from investments of, as an example, $51,000 for a family of four, who pay no income tax.

And what does Mitt Romney’s income have to do with how well he will perform as our president? Or what does Romney’s “lack of knowledge” concerning women’s rights over their bodies have to do with the presidency? Wood demonstrates a serious “lack of knowledge” if she considers abortion as pertaining to a woman’s rights over her body. It is the basic right to life of the baby, which is certainly not a part of the woman’s body, which is the issue and turns on whether any woman ever has the right to kill her unborn child.

Jack Roscoe

Brush Prairie