Letter: Marriage is more than one union



Jim and Joe are committed to each other, trust each other, love each other. Can they marry? No. Why? Because they are brothers. Washington state law continues to prohibit them from marriage because of the close kin clause. They appear like any other same-sex couple, but they cannot marry nor enter a domestic partnership. Why then should the new law continue to discriminate against Jim and Joe? Because marriage is more than love and commitment.

Remember back to the legislative hearings earlier this year when the same-sex couples showed off what great parents they make? The reason is that we know the fundamental purpose of marriage is procreation and child rearing. They argue there is no difference of effect on children but they are wrong. Google the effects of fatherlessness or motherlessness and you will see that children suffer without a mother or a father. After decades of divorce and social science research, we now understand that children do best overall when raised by their loving, married and biological parents; all three are key elements and required for optimal child health.

We said lack of commitment would not hurt the children; we were wrong then. Redefining marriage is wrong now.

Arlene Thieman