Talking Points: Baseball teams clean house



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


The Minnesota Twins just finished the 2012 campaign with a 66-96 record, the worst in the American League.

But at least they know who to blame.

The Twins announced they will not re-sign the first-base coach, the third-base coach, the bullpen coach and the team’s head athletic trainer.

That should do the trick. Probably has nothing to do with the players and the manager.

It’s that damn athletic trainer!

The Houston Astros can top the Twins. The Astros, who had the worst team in the majors with 55 wins, will not renew the contracts of their radio broadcasters.

To be fair, one of them, Milo Hamilton had announced this would be his last season with the club. But two other on-air personalities also were told their voices were no longer needed.

You know, because if you talk about a 55-107 team, the team does not like to listen to you.


Leave it to a Euro to whine, even after his team won.

Golfer Paul Lawrie, a member of the European team that rallied to beat the Americans in the Ryder Cup, is upset about the crowd behavior at the course near Chicago.

” ‘Top it! Shank it! You’re going to lose.’ Stuff like that on every shot you play,” he said.

And just how is that different from any other Ryder Cup, in any country, the past five or six events?

Some 20, 30 years ago, the Ryder Cup was not nearly as popular as it is today. Part of the popularity, though, can be attributed to the fact that fans at the course are encouraged to get a little rowdy. There is cheering for one team, and yes, there is heckling, too.

Golfers need to deal with it.


We doubt it will ever happen, but we are rooting for the United States Football League to make it to a football field one day.

Officials representing the latest edition of the USFL announced that it intends to play a football season beginning in the spring of 2014.

Those of us who were alive for the one season of the Portland Breakers have memories of big crowds, a 6-3 record for the home team at old Civic Stadium, and a lot of big names.

Future NFL Hall of Famers Steve Young and Jim Kelly quarterbacked teams against the Breakers. The Breakers, in fact, stopped Young just a few yards short of the end zone to preserve a win on the game’s final play.

The new USFL has not announced which cities will have teams. We doubt soccer-lovin Portland would want a team now.

So maybe it’s time Vancouver builds a football stadium?

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