Letter: Save our parks by voting ‘yes’



Vancouver has taken justifiable pride in being an All-American City — always there to fund our schools, parks, libraries and trees; to protect our clean water and greenways; to preserve our history; to expand our port and transport systems; and to support efforts to attract new business and industry so our kids have a shot at the next new job.

As a property owner, the passage of Proposition 1 for a Metropolitan Parks District will cost me a little more money in 2014. But it will mean savings in the long run by making sure our youth and seniors are kept active and healthy; our trails and greenways are preserved; and our open spaces are available to all. If it is true what we say about the value and benefits of parks and we fail to save them now, the demands on police and jail budgets will skyrocket. That doesn’t sound like a place to live, work or raise kids.

In the past few years, our parks funding has been cut in half. We’re losing our ability to professionally manage our green infrastructure, sports facilities and open spaces. Volunteers cannot manage parks — they can only help when guided. Vote “yes” and save our community values.

Kelly Punteney