Check It Out: Baby animal book may boost productivity



I recently saw a story on the local TV news about the ability of baby animal pictures to increase people’s productivity levels.

Researchers at Japan’s Hiroshima University conducted a study in which students were shown pictures of baby animals, then asked to complete a task. This same process was repeated using pictures of adult animals and appetizing food. Results from the experiment showed that photos of kittens and puppies boosted productivity more than photos of dogs, cats, steak, pasta or sushi. Even sushi? Incredible!

Having learned about this important research, I asked myself, “How can the library help a person to maximize her/his potential through the proven power of whiskers, soft bellies and cute-as-a-button noses?” The answer was clear: Get the word out about “Hot Guys and Baby Animals.”

One look at the cuties in this book, and you’ll be pumped and primed to excel in whatever you’re doing. Minky, a gray kitten, will melt your heart and promote excellence in your life. Popeye, a puppy so adorable to look at that you just might pass out, will prompt you to stiffen your spine and conquer the world. And wait till you see the chicks: Suzette, Gigi and Jean-Luc. Stare at their fuzzy fowlness, and before you know it, your superhuman efforts will receive praise and acclaim from near and far.

In fact, this book is so powerful that it might be wise to experience it in small doses. Amplifying your productivity is a noble pursuit, but absorbing too much baby animal adorableness just might propel you into outer space.

So, enjoy this week’s book, but use it wisely. Oh, I almost forgot to say anything about the “hot guys.” In case you’re wondering, the baby animals are accompanied by somewhat attractive members of the male sex. I suppose looking at handsome humans might also fuel productivity, but feel free to focus on the kittens and puppies. That’s what I did. Honest.

Jan Johnston is the collection development coordinator for the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District. Email her at