Letter: Which candidate can you trust?



My wife and I have three wonderful grandchildren who are, of course, perfect in every way, much like our children were when they were toddlers. So, when on a whim my wife and I watched Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax,” I was shocked. Sedition. Of all things, this writer of magical children’s books had created the perfect storm of “green environmentalism.” Everything covered in pavement and clean air in plastic bottles for a price — good? Trees and clean air — bad? Wow!

So, after viewing speeches from the RNC and then the DNC, the stark contrast between both conventions hit home to me. “Trust us. Obama bad! Romney good!” vs. “We are all in this together!” Wow! Dad taught me that people have to earn your trust. I have to wonder why I should trust someone who has never experienced years of paying back student loans or not having any extra to loan your daughter to finish college or knowing you will always pay a higher percentage of taxes and FICA deductions than most people making over a quarter-million dollars a year or that a doughnut from a 7-Eleven is sometimes decadently good. I have to wonder.

Jim Comrada