Talking Points: Rethink the baseball playoff format



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


A lot of baseball players are miffed at the one-game playoff format for the wild cards.

We love this idea. It rewards division winners. In the old format, there was very little difference between finishing second in a division but winning the wild card and winning a division. Home field was about it. Now, the wild cards must play a survivor game in order to get to a series format.

Great move baseball.

Actually, the players should be complaining about the format for the best-of-five series that started Saturday. The first two games have the best teams on the road. Technically, the best teams have home-field advantage but only if the series goes the distance.

If one of the four series ends in a sweep, the team with home-field advantage will have only played one home game vs. two on the road.

Doesn’t seem like an advantage to us.


Lost in the controversy of the outfield fly rule in Atlanta last night was the fact that for the first time in anyone’s lifetime, Atlanta sports fans actually seemed to care.

Oh, sure, they showed that they cared with their unruly behavior, throwing stuff on the field, and that nonsense. That was stupid.

However, how many of us actually thought Atlanta sports fans even cared if their teams got the wrong end of a call?

Atlanta has never been known as sports town.

Perhaps, this will help the city’s image. Yes, it looked more like Philadelphia than Atlanta, but at least the crowd had a pulse!