Letter: Romney repeats same old lines



What did we learn from the debate? President Obama is not a great debater. So, if you are just grading this debate (not if either party told the truth), it was a Romney win. Romney stayed on script. If you look at a transcript you’ll see that he repeated the same lines almost word for word in different contexts. He has memorized a bunch of lines, and practiced delivering them. The overall effect is to make him seem assured and even passionate about his position. He said over and over that he cares about jobs, about small businesses, and ordinary Americans. But he has already told you a different story.

He has already told you he does not care about the 47 percent. Obviously his handlers have taught Romney to remember his lines. He still did not offer any details on any of his five points and how he plans to accomplish any of his promises. Time to get real about not only how you say it — but what you say and how you plan to back up the empty words.

Harvey Baker